Sunday, May 27, 2012

alright well i havent blogged in a long time because i dont have internet any more but just thought i would say whats going on right now:  dance just ended which was sooo sad!! this summer im probably moving to idaho... school's out in a week, life is good;)
oh my gosh!!! is rachel kailey hair reading this?  what do you mean i forgot something?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

life is good... i havent blogged in a few years so i decided just to go for it hopefully someone is listening... so I am loving dance and i hope all my family can go to my performances this year cuz it would b great. i am team captain and that is super fun.
this summer is going to be crazy cuz i am doing 4 different summer camps, the one i am most excited for is a colledge preparedness thing me and audrey are doing. it will be so stinking fun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

short and sweet

Dear readers,
if you are reading this comment your favorite word

Sunday, March 13, 2011

what a cutie pie!!! i have been especailly siked about my little sisters lately! there freaking awsome!
AMARI, when ever i get home from school or dance she screms IRELYND! and runs to me as i scream AMARI! MY BEST FREIND!!!
weave been do ing this thing where i say "whose your best fr-
-iend! and shes says "youuuuuu!"
its way legit and never gets old!
shes my little kitty.
also, marmar's way into nameing her kitties odd names like woah woah and orange-eeee!
but the best one of all and my personal favorite is that she named the little kitty she got for christmas (the one mom made her)
jovi has been pretty adorable too!
just today she lened how to make a monkey sound! ( ooo ooo ah ah!)
she also absoulutely adores her little turtle blanket pet thing, esio.(as in the infamous esio trot by the guy who wrote matilda)
when ever we get it out or she shes it accendentally left in her bed she screams and darts towards it like a super cute cheetah!
another passing trend of jovi's age group is smashing your food all over your head! whats with that!
whatever... i still think shes adorable!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dance till you're sick

for the last 3 weekends i have been dancing until i am positivly sick!
here are a few pictures
#1. me, in my hip hop costume with zander after my performance,
#2. me and my team doing hip hop
#3. me and my team doing jazz
jazz , hung up , green swirly cotume
hip hop , woop there it is , camo ; black tank
liricle , forever and always , redish dress
modern , blackbird , medival stuff

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who Da Dad? He Da Dad!

So, I was looking through my blog the other day and realized, "Oh no! I didn't put my dad on my blog at all!" So I started looking for pictures of him and relized why i had not put him on my blog! that reason is called I DONT HAVE ANY PICTURES OF HIM!!! So I looked and looked and finaly found some pictures from last summers camping trip in which dad had had position of the camera!BUT, i still could not find a picture of just him ! so i settled for this picture!!!!


well i think that the o k dads in life dont take their kids swimming!
and i think the good dads in life dont check their kids outta school to see the latest twillite movie
and i think the great dads in life dont always play wrestle with thier chidren
but the best dads in life do all that , plus, being my dad!!!